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Blessed Margaret Ball is the only female martyr in the group of 17. She died in Dublin Castle at the age of 69 in 1584 AD. She was born at Corballis in County Meath to an affluent family and she became the wife of the Lord Mayor of Dublin. At the time of her death she was a wife, mother and widow. Margaret was an exceptionally religious person who had great faith and love for her Catholic religion. It was for this reason that she was seen as a threat by the authorities and was imprisoned. Margaret suffered greatly when her son Walter, a high-ranking official converted to Protestantism and eventually had her imprisoned along with her chaplain. There she remained in a cold, dark, damp dungeon for three years until she finally expired worn out from hardship. Margaret apparently suffered from arthritis and she bore this condition with great patience and humility. Despite her sufferings she could easily have returned to her life of comfort if only she took the Oath of Supremacy, acknowledging Queen Elizabeth 1 as head of the Catholic Church, but she refused to do this. Her body was interred at St. Audoen's Church, Dublin. Her feast day is June 20.

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