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Blessed William (Liam) Tirry was an Augustinian priest who was martyred in 1654 AD at the age of 46 years. Father William was a saintly priest who loved God very much and suffered much for his faith. He had spent time in Spain, France and Belgium studying but later returned to Ireland, taking up the position of prior of the Augustinian monastery at Skreen. During the Cromwellian persecution, Fr. William was forced into hiding as to be a Catholic priest in Ireland at this time was an act of treason, punishable by death. The saint was betrayed by men who revealed his whereabouts when offered money. He was imprisoned and hanged at Clonmel on 12 May 1654. He apparently wore his religious habit to the gallows and went to his death praying the rosary, having forgiven his executioners. Blessed William's feast day is 20 June

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