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Blessed Patrick O' Healy was a Franciscan bishop of Mayo who was martyred on 31 August 1579 AD. He was from Dromahair in County Leitrim and spent time in Spain studying. He was apparently a very intelligent man and was renowned for his debating skills. He was summoned to Rome and made the bishop of Mayo by Pope Gregory XIII. He managed to return to Ireland and remained undercover but was soon discovered, having been betrayed to the authorities by a noble woman. Bishop Patrick was a friend of Blessed Conn O'Rourke and both priests were hanged at Kilmallock in County Limerick. They were imprisoned and tortured but refused to take the Oath of Supremacy or to reveal the whereabouts of other Catholics. Their bodies were left hanging in the gallows for fourteen days following their execution apparently. The feast day of Blessed Patrick is 20 June.

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