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Blessed Dermot O' Hurley was an archbishop who was tortured and martyred in 1584 AD at the age of 54 years. He was born to a wealthy family in Ballyneety, County Limerick and spent time in Belgium and France studying. He received a doctorate in law and began teaching in a university for some years. In 1581 Dermot, while still only a layman was appointed by Pope Gregory XIII to be the archbishop of Cashel. He was immediately ordained and consecrated, then returned to Ireland. He managed to get smuggled into the country under an alias and stayed with Catholic families keeping his identity a secret. However he was soon betrayed and handed over to the authorities. Dermot was captured at Carrick-on-Suir and was imprisoned. He adamantly refused to take the Oath of Supremacy or to reveal the whereabouts of other clergy. His torturers, among other atrocious acts put his his feet in a stocks and burned them over a slow fire. Despite his immense sufferings Bishop Dermot remained steadfast and refused to renounce his faith. On 20 June 1584 he was hanged on Hoggen Green, outside the walls of Dublin. His grave is located at St. Kevin's Church, Camden Row, Dublin.

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